Outings, Activities, and Fitness

Living at Heart of Hope means fun times with new friends. During your stay, you will have opportunities to go on special outings.

We have volunteers who love to come and give facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as play games and help teach you new things like how to sew or make a scrapbook.

Heart of Hope is surrounded by 23 acres of beautiful property. Whether walking the grounds, playing basketball, shooting pool in the gym or working out in the exercise room, you have a variety of ways to stretch your legs and stay fit.

The Hope Chest is where you get to redeem your earned merits that we call “Hope Bucks”! How do you earn merits? Well, during the day you are responsible for things like eating a healthy breakfast, making your bed, going to school, doing your homework, going to life skill classes, etc. Participating in the schedule outlined for you earns you merits. These merits are redeemed in the Hope Chest where you will find baby items such as diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, blankets and even baby furniture. The Gifts of Hope, another special boutique, has personal items for you such as stationary, jewelry, special bath soap and lotions, and purses. You can spend these “bucks” anyway you want. Being responsible is a lot fun!

Traditional Family Living Daily Schedule Outings and Activities