She's Pregnant, Now What?
I'm pregnant. Now what? She's pregnant. Now what? Got Questions? Get Answers.
Girl thinking about baby.

Is your daughter pregnant? Heart of Hope was fashioned to provide her a safe place to live so she can face the challenges ahead in a loving and supportive environment.

We know this unexpected news has created quite a shock in your household, and you may be asking yourself the same question she is asking herself, “What now?”

Our ministry is designed to give your daughter a sanctuary away from the pressures of her peers and offer her a safe place to live while deciding what will be best for herself and her baby; parenting, adoption, and marriage. She will receive professional counseling and private health care while participating in childbirth and parenting classes, prenatal and nutrition, continued education and life skills. In addition she will participate in a Choices Class which uncovers the mystery of parenting as well as adoption. This decision is the first most important parenting decision she will make as a new mom.

We know it might be a scary thought for your daughter to be away from her home and family during this time, and that is why we have loving Christian house parents who live in the home. You are encouraged to visit your daughter and take her on day outings.  We could never replace her family, so we also encourage weekend home visits.  These visits allow your relationship to continue the healing process as well as get ready for her to transition back home.

If you choose to share your daughter with us during this season of her life, please fill out the Online Application, and we will contact you! In addition, we have answered other specific questions on our FAQ page.